In the creative industries the saying "you can't reinvent the wheel" is often used to describe the creative process and the familiarity of designs, concepts and ideas that appear to be routinely reused. The same can be said about baking and cake design, especially in a small community such as Brisbane. 

But when Vanilla Pod's Owner and Creative Director Carla Burns recently found herself dreaming up a design for her own birthday cake, she looked instead to fine art and the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape for her inspiration.    

"I was initially inspired by the Tasmanian landscape and French impressionist artist Claude Monet - the magnificent way he blends his colours. I wanted to bring this technique into a contemporary design that could be illustrated on cakes for all genders" - Carla says. 

This design was first unveiled in Tasmania while Carla was celebrating her 40th birthday on the shores of Lake St Clair. at the magnificent Pump House Point. Carla thought that a scene of such rugged beauty deserved a cake and design that was equally as stunning. 


The design is created by the abstract painting of frosting on to the cake surface, and finished with a touch of edible gold leaf. For Carla, the appeal is in creating an intrigue for the viewer to move closer to the painted cake to explore the detail of tiny flakes of edible gold leaf that flutter on the surface and study the detail of the abstract design. 

Since unveiling the design for her own birthday cake there has been a lot of excitement from Vanilla Pod customers, and various versions of the original design can be seen below. 

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