We get to meet some amazing people in our day-to-day work, and in particular there is something special about working with a bride (and groom) to help realise their creative vision for their wedding cake.

To help give you a behind the scenes look at Vanilla Pod Specialty Cake Kitchen, and share some of the amazing wedding cakes and memories we've helped to create over the years, we've started our Pod Bride blog. Each month we will share one happy couple, their amazing wedding cake creation and the story behind their big day. 

Stephanie Anderson

 Beautiful and elegant, the product of Stephanie's design dreams  Photo: Marcus Bell,  Studio Impressions

Beautiful and elegant, the product of Stephanie's design dreams Photo: Marcus Bell, Studio Impressions

The Cake 

Stephanie Anderson came to Vanilla Pod with a clear idea of the design for her and partner Sean's wedding cake. Running her own Instagram page dedicated to all things brides and weddings (@a_bridal_tale), Stephanie knows a thing or two about weddings and had a wealth of inspiration to draw from when it came to designing her own wedding cake.

With a simple all white "chic" theme, Stephanie wanted a cake that was beautiful and elegant and could be on show all night. 

Working with Stephanie, we chose a fondant finish to allow for the cake to be on display for an extended period. Three tiers provided stunning height to the cake and allowed the couple to generously serve their guests on the night while keeping the top tier for close family, and themselves, to enjoy following their wedding.

Two 10" cakes formed the base tier - a Peppermint Scented Chocolate Mud, and a Rose Scented White Chocolate Mud with Raspberry. The second tier comprised of two 8" butter cakes in Lavender and Red Velvet, and finally two 6" butter cakes in Lemon and Red Velvet formed the top tier. White ribbon and intricate Damask stencilling on the top and bottom tiers provided an elegant finish to the design.

For Stephanie, the finished cake was exactly what she had imagined.

"It was the most beautiful cake we could have imagined and it was so delicious"  

Reflections From The Bride  

Inspiration for the cake..

I did a lot of research on the internet especially on Pinterest and Instagram and looked at Bridal magazines and wedding magazines and, in the end, decided I wanted a simple yet chic design to go with my all white theme. I wanted a cake that could be on show all night which is why I went for a fondant cake over a naked or frosted cake (which I also love!) 

Favourite flavour... 

I deeply regret not being able to taste most of our cake on the night. If I could give some advice to brides it is to definitely have someone on cake patrol to grab some for you and your husband before it is all gone! Particularly if it is a Vanilla Pod cake because people just took it all!! My favourite flavour that we chose would have to be the lavender cake - because it is so different and unexpectedly delicious!!!

What you wish you had known before your wedding...

People can warn you all they like about how quickly the day goes and how you cannot please everyone - but before you actually do it yourself you do not realise how stressful planning a wedding is and how the day is over in a heartbeat. I would say I wish I believed everyone who said to relax prior to the day as I did stress about getting everything perfect and I definitely did not notice the small things on the day that I stressed so much about prior!

Top Tips for Brides...

Eat on the day!!!! Have a good breakfast and try to get some of the dinner and nibbles into you because I found myself talking way too much and away from the table most of the night and before I knew it, it was all over and I was starving! (and ordered room service haha!)

The Vanilla Pod Experience...

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Vanilla Pod. You made a very important element of our wedding day so easy. I had to keep checking that I hadn’t missed something! Kirsty and the team were fantastic to deal with - helping every step of the way to create our dream cake. It was the most beautiful cake we could have imagined and it was so delicious that all of our finger slices were gone at the end of the night! Some guests taking 3 or more home to sample all the flavours. You're a fantastic team and it was delicious cake!

The Details

Photographer -  Marcus Bell - Studio Impressions

Videographer - Evernew Studio

Florist - Brisbane Market Flowers

Hair and Makeup - Twidale

Venue - The Cathedral of St. Stephen (Ceremony), Gambaro Hotel (Reception)


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