We get to meet some amazing people in our day-to-day work, and in particular there is something special about working with a bride (and groom) to help realise their creative vision for their wedding cake.

To help give you a behind the scenes look at Vanilla Pod Specialty Cake Kitchen, and share some of the amazing wedding cakes and memories we've helped to create over the years, we've started our Pod Bride blog, where each month we will share one happy couple, their amazing wedding cake creation and the story behind their big day. 

Jessica McGrath 

 Three barely frosted tiers, and finished with fresh blooms - simply stunning!  Photo:  Juddrick Photography

Three barely frosted tiers, and finished with fresh blooms - simply stunning! Photo: Juddrick Photography

The Cake 

Jessica and her partner Julian came to their tasting undecided as to whether they would go down the "traditional" wedding cake path or opt for a more modern style of cake and finish such as our naked or barely frosted styles. 

Leaving design briefly aside, we looked at flavours. The couple instantly fell in love with our lavender and vanilla bean buttercake. We added a white chocolate mud cake with raspberries to complement the lightness of the buttercake. 

Looking towards design, we developed a cake that used the "traditional" notion of a wedding cake as inspiration but drew upon more modern influences. It's three tiers of a single height 6', 8' double-barrel and 10' single height base adding contemporary lines to the cake.   

Finally, the three-tiers were finished in a barely frosted style, with arrangements of fresh blooms added by Bouquet Boutique, in keeping with Jessica and Julian's modern design. A stunning result!   

Reflections From the Bride 

Initial inspiration... 

We did a lot of Instagram & Pinterest searching and funnily our favourite was a Vanilla Pod post!

Serving Cake as dessert... 

We were that in love with the cake from our tasting that we wanted everyone to enjoy it as much as we had!

General Wedding Tips... 

We had an on the day planner (Melinda & Danielle from White + White) and they are worth EVERY PENNY!!

My big tip would be to listen to the professionals, we followed the advice of our vendors and there is not an aspect of our wedding that we would tweak or change! Our view was that our vendors do/see weddings as a job – they know what they are doing, trust them!

The Vanilla Pod Experience... 

Kirsty and the team from Vanilla Pod are a league above the rest! From our first conversation with Kirtsy right up until our wedding day Kirsty would check in and offer suggestions which was greatly appreciated. She is a lovely person to deal with and our overall dealing with Vanilla Pod was seamless.

Not to mention the cake! I have never had anything like it and it is safe to say that Julian and I will now have the Vanilla Butter Cake as a staple for our anniversaries, not to mention birthdays! There are just not enough positive words for Vanilla Pod! You will be blown away by everything this team has to offer!

The Details 

Photographer - Juddrick Photography 

Florist - Bouquet Boutique 

Makeup - The Powder Room

Venue - Lightspace

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