We get to meet some amazing people in our day-to-day work, and in particular there is something special about working with a bride (and groom) to help realise their creative vision for their wedding cake.

To help give you a behind the scenes look at Vanilla Pod Specialty Cake Kitchen, and share some of the amazing wedding cakes and memories we've helped to create over the years, we've started our Pod Bride blog, where each month we will share one happy couple, their amazing wedding cake creation and the story behind their big day. 

Emma Stevens

 The elegance of simplicity  Photo -    Cassandra Ladru  

The elegance of simplicity Photo -  Cassandra Ladru 

The Cake 

Emma and her partner Eric were unique customers in the fact that they didn't live in Brisbane. Initial consults were completed by email and the couple came in for a flying cake tasting while in Brisbane for another wedding. This short meeting allowed us to get to know the couple more intimately, and for them to get a taste for Vanilla Pod and our cakes.  

Emma and Eric's inspiration for their cake came from the Two Chef Hatted restaurant at their venue Spicer's Clovelly Estate, and their desire to find a cake that complimented the flavours of the two desserts they had chosen. They wanted flavours that would appeal to all of their guests. 

Eric's love of coffee lead the couple to settle upon our delicious Mocha Chocolate Mud, with Emma picking the Lemon Scented White Chocolate Mud to balance the bold flavour of the Mocha and bring a refreshing touch to the end of the night for their guests. 

For design we kept things very minimalistic and classic. A double height base finished in white fondant provided the perfect blank canvas and was topped with a single height cake finished in edible gold luster that provided the perfect pop of colour and elegance. Topped with an arrangement from their florist, this cake was modern yet classic; a stunning piece of art in the hallway of Spicer's Clovelly where the couple chose to display it throughout their reception. 


Reflections From The Bride 

inspiration for the cake display... 

We took our lead from the lovely events coordinators, Amber and Felicity, at Spicers. They recommended having the cake on show on a side board in the lounge area of the venue so that it could be admired during the afternoon of the reception. 


Although the planning of our wedding was at times a whirlwind given the challenge of arranging parts of the day from interstate; we really enjoyed (albeit rushing from the airport to Vanilla Pod and then onto attend another wedding) our cake tasting. We were looking for flavours that would complement the two dessert dishes we had selected and appeal to most guests. Eric is a sucker for coffee so the mocha mud was an obvious choice and I selected the lemon scented white mud as a lighter alternative. 

Serving the cake after dessert...

Spicers Clovelly Estate is a beautiful venue with a Two Chef Hat awarded restaurant so we knew we wanted to include a beautiful three course meal as part of our reception. The cake was therefore a lovely compliment to tea and coffee during dancing/lounging later in the reception.

On cutting the cake... 

There’s a story there! We broke the knife as we were cutting the cake!! Broke it in two pieces!! I don't know how but it was hilarious and a memory we won't forget from the day. 

Tips from the bride (and groom)... 

Make sure you take a few moments throughout the day to step out of the rush of the wedding and just enjoy the day with your new Wife. -- Eric

How lucky am I?! What a sweetheart. So true though, the day at times seemed to be flying by but it was great to make sure Eric and I took a few moments together, that is after all what its about! 

The Details 

Photographer - Cassandra Ladru 

Venue - Spicer's Clovelly Estate

Florist - Mondo Floral Designs


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