We get to meet some amazing people in our day-to-day work, and in particular there is something special about working with a bride (and groom) to help realise their creative vision for their wedding cake.

To help give you a behind the scenes look at Vanilla Pod Specialty Cake Kitchen, and share some of the amazing wedding cakes and memories we've helped to create over the years, we've started our Pod Bride blog, where each month we will share one happy couple, their amazing wedding cake creation and the story behind their big day. 

Jess Grimley 

 Rustic decadence - a stunning, centrepiece:  Photo  -  Todd Hunter McGaw

Rustic decadence - a stunning, centrepiece: Photo - Todd Hunter McGaw

The Cake 

Taking her initial inspiration for her cake design from images she had seen on Pinterest, Jess came to her tasting with an idea that her dream cake would fit into her rustic yet modern theme.

From their tasting with Carla, Jess and partner Dane decided upon our decadent red velvet sponge and "old time favourite" chocolate mud as a flavour combination.

"The red velvet was an instant winner and we wanted to break it up with an old time favourite. The combination was bang on what we wanted and every single guest loved it!"

We worked with the couple to find a finish that would suit their rustic theme. Our signature cream cheese frosting was chosen, but given the "rustic" treatment with a textured finish. To this we added gold lustered greenery and white peonies to truly embellish this stunning cake. 

The result was three decadent tiers of red velvet sponge, chocolate mud and chocolate mousse that was a show-stopping centrepiece and completed all aspects of Jess' wedding design.  

Reflections From The Bride 

Cake as dessert... 

It was always the plan to serve the cake as dessert, this is why we were very serious when it came to the cake tasting. The cake was what Dane and I loved so it was important to serve this to our guests.

Leave the cake until last... 

I believe the cake design should be the last item on the checklist, the cake really ties in the theme of the wedding and if you are traditional then it’s important to make a statement with your cake!

Nail the basics... 

My biggest tip to all brides is, worry about the basics and make sure you get these right!

The Vanilla Pod experience... 

Vanilla Pod was such a pleasure to deal with. The experience my husband and I had was ultimate.
Carla and the team at Vanilla Pod were tremendously efficient. They knew precisely what we wanted and they delivered! A professional team who love what they do and this is evident the moment we walked through the doors!

The Details 

Venue - Pony Dining

Photographer - Todd Hunter McGaw 

Florist - Bouquet Boutique 

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