When Youngcare first approached Vanilla Pod in 2015 about baking their Youngcake for their Christmas appeal our answer was immediately yes. With a young family at the heart of our business, we understand the importance of a charity such as Youngcare and the incredible work they do for young people with high care needs. We were honoured to help and be a part of their fundraising efforts.

This year we are again thrilled to partner with Youngcare, baking their Youngcakes, and it's been exciting to have Charlie Fuller (Carla's Dad) in the kitchen baking the cakes and creating our own Vanilla Pod tradition with the Youngcake.   

To shed some light on the cake that you have been seeing in our Ascot Cake & Deli Cafe, or on our social media feeds, we spoke to Youngcare's Sue Collins about the significance of the Youngcake, its history with resident Bronwyn and just what it means for Youngcare to be working with Vanilla Pod.

 Charlie reflecting on his work, the finished Youngcake - a delicious blonde Christmas cake, with festive fruits and nuts 

Charlie reflecting on his work, the finished Youngcake - a delicious blonde Christmas cake, with festive fruits and nuts 

The Youngcake

"It is vital we spread awareness about the realities faced by young Aussies with high care needs, and Youngcakes is a unique way to raise awareness and funds for this national issue. It provides people with something to share at Christmas time, and a talking point when they sit down together and enjoy the cake," says Collins. 

Bronwyn's Recipe

"The Youngcakes recipe was shared by Youngcare resident Bronwyn, who experienced firsthand the challenges faced by a young person living in aged care.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, Bronwyn’s whole life changed in 2006 when the doctor told her that her condition had become so dangerous that she wouldn’t be able to live her life at home anymore. Instead she needed 24-hour emergency care. The only place for her was a dementia ward in an aged care facility. Bronwyn was only 44 years old.

After a couple of years in the care facility she was able to find a place in one of Youngcare’s first developments in Youngcare Wesley Mission Brisbane Sinnamon Park apartments. This has allowed her to personalise a real home for herself and do the things that she loves, such as cooking, gardening and writing, which make her life so full. As she says, “I was saved from a dementia ward, saved from one tiny room being made to feel like I was less than nothing. With Youngcare I have choice.”

Bronwyn now has the choice and freedom to enjoy some of her favourite pastimes…like baking! The Youngcake represents independence for her and the 7,000 young Aussies currently living in aged care. The special recipe for a blonde Christmas cake has been passed down from grandmother to father to daughter in Bronwyn’s family and is now available in the Youngcake," says Collins. 

Youngcare and Vanilla Pod 

"Working with Carla, Scott and the Vanilla Pod team means we have been able to maintain the authenticity of Bronwyn’s recipe. Each cake is baked with so much love and that is demonstrated through the quality of each and every one. This is home baking at its absolute finest!" says Collins. 


Show your support for Youngcare this Christmas by purchasing a Youngcake from our Ascot Cake & Deli Cafe or from the Youngcare website. Watch below to see Carla and Scott Burns talk about the Youngcake and the significance of Youngcare to them.