We get to meet some amazing people in our day-to-day work, and in particular there is something special about working with a bride and groom to help realise their creative vision for their wedding day.

To help give you a behind the scenes look at Vanilla Pod Specialty Cake Kitchen, and share some of the amazing memories we've helped to create over the years, we've started our Pod Bride blog, where each month we will share one happy couple, their amazing cake creation and the story behind their big day. 

Skye Fellendorf

    Five is better than one! - The Bride and Groom chose to offer their guests a choice when it came to picking their slice of cake  Photo:  Josie Richardson Photography   


Five is better than one! - The Bride and Groom chose to offer their guests a choice when it came to picking their slice of cake Photo: Josie Richardson Photography 

The Cake 

A loyal Vanilla Pod customer, Skye approached us early in the wedding planning process with a request to help make a cake for her wedding. She and her groom Keelan chose a five cake tasting table over a traditional single cake. The rustic spread, with its diverse range of cakes and quirky cake-toppers and florals, was the perfect way for the couple to reflect their individual style.

The five cakes were a mix of our sort-after naked-layer cakes and cakes finished in our signature cream cheese frosting; with some beautiful colour and texture from our decorators. Flavours included: white chocolate mud with raspberry mousse and lemon mousse, rainbow layer, naked red velvet sponge with chocolate mousse, chocolate naked sponge with rose-petal cream. The couple also originally ordered two of our moreish tarts (citrus and apple), but kept these for an intimate Sunday brunch with their family following the wedding.         

Reflections from the Bride 

Initial inspiration... 

"I'm not really sure where the initial inspiration came from. The dessert buffet's and lolly buffets seemed to be the 'in thing' when I was planning our wedding and I didn't want to go to the extent of having a full dessert buffet.  When we decided that we were going to have the cake display, we thought it would be nice to keep them within our colour scheme, as well as elegant and simple. We also thought having a few different cake stands and heights would look nice.  I've never been a big fan of really thick fondant or icing, especially after eating a big meal at a wedding. We thought that having a mix of naked cakes and frosted cakes would be more suitable.  We wanted our own personal touches and we had some figurines of ourselves and our dogs made (on Etsty) to be included on one of the cakes, as well as some flowers from our florist. I can say that once we had this idea, I found a lot of nice cake display inspiration on Pinterest." 

Favourite flavour... 

"I managed to try a few of the flavours, but the lemon mousse was my favourite.  We also had lemon and apple tarts made to serve at our BBQ the following day and they were both big hits!"

Serving the cake as a dessert... 

"The idea came first, before the cake display. I have been to so many weddings now where there are these amazing wedding cakes, but they never get eaten because everyone is too full! We didn't want a wedding cake to fill our freezer at home, we wanted it to  be something that everyone enjoyed with us.  We had quite a lot of food served throughout our day, so it made sense to serve the cakes as dessert.  We decided that it would be really nice to have a range of cakes and flavours served as the dessert, so that people could sample a few different slices if they wanted. We found that this worked really well and pretty much every piece of cake was eaten!"

Tips for a bride's big day... 

"My only tip is it's your wedding and your day, you do it how you want to do it.  We had so many positive comments about our day and the little things that we did differently.  Having a live band also made a difference on the dance floor!  the big tip is to relax and enjoy the day. Trust your vendors! You hope on the day everything is going to come together and look nice. You don't realise all the organisation that goes on between the reception venue, florists etc. and all the coordinating you do to get it right. It was perfect, thank you." 

The Details

Florist - Brisbane Market Flowers

Photographer - Josie Richardson

Venue - Brisbane Powerhouse



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